The Gnome Homes that have appeared on our trails this winter have "inhabitants" that have been lovingly hand-crafted by art students at the Rangeley Lakes Regional School under the guidance of art instructor, Sonja Johnson. These special homes have been hand-made by our own Marty Velishka. If you've skied or snowshoed here, you've most likely met Marty, a man of many talents, one of which is custom home building, even for Gnomes!
A big thank you goes out to Atty Severin Beliveau who funds this program!

Feel free to e-mail us your photos of interaction with the Gnomes and be sure to include your name and the name of the trail where you took the photo. Thanks for helping us keep it fun at the Rangeley Lakes Trails Center!
February 14-22, 2015 The GNOME HOME ROAM! The gnomes open their doors and offer gifts to those who can find their homes. Come to the yurt for a map and set out to find these special creatures. It's sure to be a fun adventure for the whole family!
Hey, kids! Look what's appearing at the Trails Center this winter...Gnome Homes are popping up in all kinds of places out on the trails. There are even gnomes "living" inside. You are welcome to explore our new woodland creatures' domiciles as you enjoy our top-rated trails! Tell us about your gnome sitings when you get back to the yurt.
This is an especially elegant Gnome--maybe she's getting ready to go to the Gnome party to celebrate their new homes! Did you get your invitation?
Here are a few of the Gnomes awaiting help to move in to their new "homes" on our Trails. They seem pretty happy about it too.